What If Everyone Loved Their Job?: The Power of a Joyous Work Force

Tell me if this is you:

(Photo taken from Triple Espresso Shots.)

You get up each day feeling like sh-t.  You go to the bathroom.  Take a shower perhaps.  Maybe make some breakfast – or lunch if you work late – and then you hobble off to the “salt mines.”  (I mean your job.)  You get home after perhaps hitting the bar a short eternity later, crap out on the couch, and then get up the next morning to begin the cycle anew.

Oh yeah!  I forget to mention you probably get a weekend here and there, or a few days off sometime.  But it always seems to scream by like grease lightning, and even your rest periods are then devoted to bills, paperwork, chores and all the other dumb stuff that comprises your work away from work.

In other words: You’re a 21st century slave!

Well don’t cry now, man.  So am I!

And that’s where I got to thinking….  Why can’t we all – yes, I mean all of us – from the Third World to the developed world, actually be happy to go to work?  I don’t just mean adopt a more positive attitude, spur labor unions to improve wages or working conditions, or rally CEOs everywhere to offer more golden opportunities for advancement.  Why can’t we, as an increasingly globalized work force and planet, actually take steps to ensure that everyone, regardless of who they are, is eventually placed in the career they were actually meant for?  Just like the United States Army often said:  “There’s a man (or woman) (or hermaphrodite) for every job!”

(Photo taken from English Channel Teacher Myles.)

Ok…  Ok…  You may be thinking I’m silly, or impractical, or unrealistic, but from an economic point of view (concerning money, profit and worker output), wouldn’t a group of employees who are actually placed in the job they each liked, a job they were naturally good at, and a job where they produced or accomplished possibly 10 times what they would have back in “slavery,” be a truly amazing work force?!  Would not a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic people be a true blessing to any government, nation or corporate entity?  The possibilities could be endless.

So maybe that’s the wave of the future, everyone.  More career fares.  More career centers.  More programs and activities to help students found out who they truly are.  And most importantly, more employers from around the world who are willing to first communicate with the workers and applicants they already have,  encourage them to undergo a battery of testing for both abilities and key personality traits, and then inform them of the departments or positions which they currently seem the best suited for.

Because most people, at the moment, still unfortunately strike me as “a fish out of water.”

>>> Michael Bok, co-founder of ABloggersUniverse.com



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