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Will Jennifer Lawrence Get the Last Laugh?

Katniss Everdeen Strong

“The Hunger Games” promotional poster.

About a month or two ago the internet went ablaze with the leaked erotic photos of rising movie star Jennifer Lawrence.  As she gazed in striking postures for the amusement of both herself and her lover – but later the world once the photos were hacked – the entertainment industry cried “Foul!,” the feminists called it “misogyny” as well as a violation of a young woman’s rights and privacy, and Jennifer Lawrence (or “JLaw” for short) has deemed the photo leak “a sex crime” and a disgustingly wrong act, and anyone involved in the circulation or viewing of such material should positively “cower in shame!”

(See:  Jennifer Lawrence: Nude Photo Hacking Was a Sex Crime )


It would appear obvious at this point to anyone paying attention to the story that the young Ms. Lawrence is now quite devastated as she fears a soiled reputation and acting career, as well as rather proud – but also sensitive – of her sophisticated body.  And while I wouldn’t go so far as to dub the whole scandal “a sex crime,” and yes, when dealing with the internet the actress could have been a little more careful, I can at least understand her anger and embarrassment over the issue.  But is all hope lost for our beloved Katniss?  Is our beloved Jennifer really finished once “The Hunger Games” wraps?  Well, despite some of the sarcastic and judgmental opinions I have come across already, I think everyone’s favorite heroine might still have at least one arrow left in her quiver.

“May the 76th Hunger Games begin!”

I’m not sure about the rest of you out there, but when I stared at those photos (Yes, Jennifer.  If you happen to be out there reading this, please forgive me.  I LOOKED!!) there was only word that came across my mind:


JLaw Flaunting

Jennifer Lawrence wows in some big city!

I have to admit, even when she’s a little piss drunk on wine, or not wearing any rouge or eye shadow, the actress still has all the makings of a natural beauty!  And while I agree she’s a talented actress with some decent motion pictures to her name (as some commenters have already claimed in her defense) I also agree with a few peoples’ assertions that she probably didn’t become famous on just talent and charisma alone….

Is not the entertainment industry also infested with artists and performers who are beautiful?

Is not the old saying “sex sells” also a tried and true business tactic for anyone faced with the challenge of marketing anything from jeans to tennis shoes to motorcars to Frito Lay tortilla chips to entertainers?  

Is not the young, firm and healthy Jennifer Lawrence also beautiful?  (And HOT!!)

And is not “beautiful” the one thing we’d all much rather look at, admire, gawk at, glorify, be fascinated with, and have sex with as opposed to anything “ugly?”

Unless you’re one of the few people out there who really isn’t the least bit animalistic or superficial – one of the very few people I’d wager – just quit it with the lies and BS right now and say “yes!”  (At least in your own mind.)  We would all rather spend our time watching somebody on the big screen or small screen – or the internet – who is beautiful!

So it is now that I come to my second big point for the day:

Jennifer Lawrence’s new acting career could be made!

Katniss Everdeen Flame

photo taken from

No no no.  I didn’t mean to imply to anyone that she’s now a hit amateur porn star.  I meant to say that now given she was already pretty famous even before all those erotic photos finally leaked (another golden rule you must always follow while rising to the top in Hollywood – never spill the beans until after you’ve gotten your foot in the door), I’m willing to bet the “scandal,” or whatever you really want to call it, might in fact make her even more famous.  I also predict an increase in sales for the next “Hunger Games” installment, as still more curious fans – a cornucopia of heterosexual boys and men among them – will flock to the next Panem adventure flick, as Jennifer Lawrence kicks it off in yet another sexy outfit!  Bonus:  Maybe she’ll even light up once again in a bouquet of real fire!  Oooooh….

Well, anyhow, all I can say is that [I] am definitely going to be there!  And for the one or two more squeamish folk who turn away, I bet a hundred or two more Looky-Loos will soon take their place alongside me in theaters.  Because that is the real reason why somebody becomes famous these days in the entertainment industry – along with maybe a little talent.


>>> Michael Bok, co-founder of








Of Neptunians, Saturnians, and Jupiterians

I recently began wondering if there was life on Jupiter.  I know…  For any of you astronomy buffs out there, Jupiter’s just a great big ball of poisonous gas, right?  The weather is always stormy (on average, perhaps 100 times worse than the biggest hurricane or tropical storm ever to hit our planet), on a good day the winds are still about 1000 miles per hour, and once you start descending into the lower levels of Jupiter’s atmosphere (a feat once attempted by one of NASA’s very own space probes), there’s so much Jupiterian “air” and gases above you that the sheer weight of it all will crush you – that is, if your space ship hasn’t been ripped apart by the harsh winds already!  So how could anything survive on that God forsaken hell hole?!  To make matters worse, Jupiter also allegedly serves as “the vacuum cleaner” of our solar system.  Most asteroids or comets from further out in space that would otherwise have hit our world and destroyed all life as we know it, usually instead just hit and get swallowed up by Jupiter, making our chances of suffering a life shattering impact fortunately much lower. “Definitely not suitable for extraterrestrials,” they’d probably say.

Life on Jupiter

Life on Jupiter.

But I couldn’t help but wonder: Could there still be life on The Gas Giant…?

There’s this funny thing that scientists are discovering about life at least on our planet: It can survive just about anywhere!  At the bottom of the ocean where no sunlight ever penetrates, to dark poisonous caverns deep within the earth, to inside of our bodies, to molten hot geysers and lava fissures, to even various levels of our own atmosphere, life always flourishes.  It may not be the kind of life which you or I may want to encounter – just a boring little amoeba or bacterium swimming under a microscope – but it still qualifies as some kind of living thing, and once again, it is alive!  There’s also a funny thing which scientists are just now beginning to discover about asteroids and comets (once again, two things that have hit Jupiter in great abundance): They can be transporters or even factories for life!  That’s right!  Not only have scientists speculated that frozen bacteria and microorganisms could theoretically hitch a ride to another world aboard an asteroid, but comets, in particular, are already teaming with the water, chemicals and gunk which life often uses as “building blocks.”  In other words, the water we drink and all the “stuff” which makes up our bodies – and ourselves, for that matter – all may have been brewed and cooked up on a comet that eventually hit Earth!  The very things that we are sometimes most afraid of may have also been the very same things that gave rise to Mother Nature.

Jupiter's red spot.

Jupiter’s red spot.

So, could we at least say that there are scores of little critters (becteria, germs, amoebas, viruses, slime, etc.) who are now bobbing along quite happily in Jupiter’s air…?  Who’s to say!  But aside from the simple little creatures who can’t really talk to you, and possibly don’t have much of a mind, could there also be intelligent and complex life forms on the gas giants, however, aliens who would of course be a little bit different than what you’d find on, say, a more rocky world.  Since you would once again have to deal with some pretty harsh winds, temperatures and nasty weather once you grew to a certain size, maybe “The Jupiterians” as I’d like to call them – and perhaps the beings who could very well inhabit the other gas giants as well (Neptune, Saturn and Uranus) – are beings comprised mostly of, well…. GAS!  That brings me to another point to ponder: Could consciousness (whatever that thing is inside of you, and me, and that makes you realize that you’re alive and really you, and me realize that I’m alive and really me) live in just about any body?  Could intelligent life take on just about any form imaginable?!  Like Mr. Spock once said on a forgotten episode of Star Trek,

 “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.”

And no…. I don’t think I’m just blowing hot air out my anus!  (And believe me, that would really STINK!!)

Life inside Jupiter's atmosphere.

Inside Jupiter’s atmosphere.

So yes.  The beings I’ve currently imagined as the perfect fit for the volatile gas worlds such as Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter are highly intelligent gas beings composed of atmosphere and electricity.  They might resemble talking clouds, thunderheads, or even bizarre but intelligent whirlwinds.  They might even happily swirl and flow at thousands of miles per hour within a gas giant’s various levels – since it’s a paradise to them – and they may have even become aware of our own existence quite some time ago, although we are still completely unaware or even appreciative of them, and they may have still had little or no interest in visiting our own puny and relatively airless planet.  But how awesome it would be if we could someday observe them in their world!  (…assuming we could even survive the journey.)

Now can you imagine that???  A being resembling a talking, glowing thunderhead?  Also, considering the gas giants are all many times larger than our own little rock (like perhaps with a marble when placed next to a fully inflated beach ball), these beings could all be the size of thunderheads too – with plenty of space left aside to float around!

Hey, and you thought all life forms had to be made of meat!   😉

>>> Michael Bok, co-founder of

My (Possible) Close Encounter With a Parallel Universe

Parallel Portal

A couple of years ago I worked as a delivery man passing out packages and parcels in a Southern California beach community.  Several of my delivery stops often took place in a sprawling and luxurious apartment complex consisting of 5 or 6 separate buildings which overlooked the harbor.  It wasn’t uncommon to have to move from building to building, ascend and descend one stairwell or elevator after another, and also pass through several different lobbies, just to ensure that everybody’s items were dropped off properly and on time.  Each separate building in this sprawling “megaplex” typically had a front door which required a special punch code to unlock, as well as huge glass windows which comprised several of the exterior walls – and which made it all too easy to see the “goings on” inside.

On one afternoon, in particular, I was walking briskly towards the first glassed in lobby to make an urgent delivery, and conveniently there was already a man just 5 seconds ahead of me inside of the lobby who was apparently about to enter the elevator headed in my direction.  Time was, of course, always precious in this fast paced delivery job, so I scrambled as fast as I could to catch up with the fellow!  The last thing I ever wanted to do was have to climb three flights of stairs just to get to where I needed to go, or, God forbid, actually wait for the next elevator!

I entered the special security code on the punch key, raced through the entrance, and wouldn’t you know, the elevator had just arrived and opened its doors and the “up” button had already been pressed, however, one thing was a little bit fishy.

The man was gone.

No sounds of foot steps scurrying off anywhere, no shadows across the floor, no nearby doors opening or closing anywhere, or voices or breathing from somewhere in the back ground.  The man – perhaps in his early or mid thirties, short brown hair, I’d say 6’1″ to 6’3″ in height, average to athletic build, and clad in a striped polo shirt, shorts and tennis shoes – had simply vanished.

Surprised and not sure what was going on, I turned my head a few times and got in the elevator anyway, pressed the button for the floor I wanted to go to, and just continued on my merry little way since the package in hand still needed to get delivered!  I also think I said “thank you” rather blankly to the wall as I was going up, just in case the invisible man was still in the elevator somewhere, as well as perhaps expected a little gratitude or respect from me since “he” (or whatever it was) had saved me a good chunk of time in getting to my destination!


And then perhaps a couple months later, I saw a television program kind of like this one which caused me to reexamine the whole incident:

Was he a ghost?  Was he an angel?  Was he a hologram or mirage put on by some clever trickster?  Was he a pink elephant or figment of my imagination, or was he in fact a man just like me, living out his life very much like me, going about his business very much like me – but in a parallel universe…?!

While still a much heated debate among the science geniuses who theorize and study such things, if parallel universes are real – or “parallel dimensions” if that’s what you want to call them – I’ve heard it’s also possible that these separate but parallel spaces will at times become criss crossed with one another.  Could that have in fact been the very phenomenon I was observing that afternoon?  Could the “mysterious person,” or whatever you want to call him, have been traveling somewhere in that exact same apartment building – but in a parallel world just over the membrane from my own – and for a brief moment the fabric of space and time was pulled just far enough apart to allow us a brief glimpse of one another?  Did “he” opening the doors and pressing the buttons of his own elevator also somehow trigger the doors and buttons of my own?

Perhaps I’ll never know…

But it’s a fun and mind-boggling thing to think about!  And wouldn’t that be crazy to somehow find a way to glimpse into just such a parallel dimension or parallel universe, observe what might have been in another life, but at the same time remain safely rooted in your own world?!  I can definitely say it would stimulate my curiosity!

Featured below is another video clip that got my mind whirling:

Would anyone like to “gaze through the looking glass” with me???

>>> Michael Bok, Co-Founder of










What If Everyone Loved Their Job?: The Power of a Joyous Work Force

Tell me if this is you:

(Photo taken from Triple Espresso Shots.)

You get up each day feeling like sh-t.  You go to the bathroom.  Take a shower perhaps.  Maybe make some breakfast – or lunch if you work late – and then you hobble off to the “salt mines.”  (I mean your job.)  You get home after perhaps hitting the bar a short eternity later, crap out on the couch, and then get up the next morning to begin the cycle anew.

Oh yeah!  I forget to mention you probably get a weekend here and there, or a few days off sometime.  But it always seems to scream by like grease lightning, and even your rest periods are then devoted to bills, paperwork, chores and all the other dumb stuff that comprises your work away from work.

In other words: You’re a 21st century slave!

Well don’t cry now, man.  So am I!

And that’s where I got to thinking….  Why can’t we all – yes, I mean all of us – from the Third World to the developed world, actually be happy to go to work?  I don’t just mean adopt a more positive attitude, spur labor unions to improve wages or working conditions, or rally CEOs everywhere to offer more golden opportunities for advancement.  Why can’t we, as an increasingly globalized work force and planet, actually take steps to ensure that everyone, regardless of who they are, is eventually placed in the career they were actually meant for?  Just like the United States Army often said:  “There’s a man (or woman) (or hermaphrodite) for every job!”

(Photo taken from English Channel Teacher Myles.)

Ok…  Ok…  You may be thinking I’m silly, or impractical, or unrealistic, but from an economic point of view (concerning money, profit and worker output), wouldn’t a group of employees who are actually placed in the job they each liked, a job they were naturally good at, and a job where they produced or accomplished possibly 10 times what they would have back in “slavery,” be a truly amazing work force?!  Would not a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic people be a true blessing to any government, nation or corporate entity?  The possibilities could be endless.

So maybe that’s the wave of the future, everyone.  More career fares.  More career centers.  More programs and activities to help students found out who they truly are.  And most importantly, more employers from around the world who are willing to first communicate with the workers and applicants they already have,  encourage them to undergo a battery of testing for both abilities and key personality traits, and then inform them of the departments or positions which they currently seem the best suited for.

Because most people, at the moment, still unfortunately strike me as “a fish out of water.”

>>> Michael Bok, co-founder of



Note to Dr. Hawking: Could God Still Exist?

(image taken from


I was watching a documentary a couple of weeks ago which caused me to question any and all notions of “an almighty God presiding over creation.” In his documentary Curiosity: Did God Create the Universe? , Dr. Stephen Hawking challenges the more religious and irrational claims that a God or Supreme Being does exist, that he or she or it did in fact create the universe, and that after we die there is an afterlife, an ends to justify the means, and something to look forward to other than just your usual worldly consciousness.  While I admire the man’s open-mindedness, as well as tolerance to any skepticism or conflicting opinions – especially when you take into account his physics expertise and 170 IQ – he still reaches a rather depressing, and in my opinion, Godless conclusion (just skip to about 32:50 if you don’t want to see the full argument):

In other words there apparently is no God, and according to the known laws that govern the universe, it is becoming a scientific and mathematical impossibility for one to have ever existed in the first place!  The universe just created itself and exploded out of oblivion!

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate science.   I also admire towering academics like Stephen Hawking and I still believe that logical and objective thinking is key to a healthier, happier, more enlightened, as well as further advanced civilization.  I also agree that being overly religious and faithful – and perhaps even borderline delusional – can also have its drawbacks.  But is there not at least some room left for just a little magical and artistic thinking?

While I admit I’m no scientist, mathematician or qualified theologian, and I tremble at the presence of the great Stephen Hawking (since there apparently is no God), I would still like to at least present my food for thought….

While science and the scientific laws do an increasingly effective job at explaining the universe, perhaps the clergymen were right when they claimed that modern science still cannot explain God.  If you could leave the universe and venture into the “space” beyond, perhaps science – or at least the scientific laws we know – become useless.  And while Dr. Stephen Hawking claims that the once intense gravity of our early compressed universe would have halted all time – leaving no time for a god, or anything, to have existed “before” – maybe that’s OK because perhaps the real God – and the original plans and blue prints for our physical universe – exist outside of time.  Perhaps the real God resides outside of everything we simple humans take for granted (space, time, light, dark, cause, effect, beginning, end, hot, cold, good, evil, etc. etc. etc.).

To expand my point further, I also wanted to point out that some of the greatest scientific advancements of our time had similarly first begun as sojourns into dreams, imagination, and the realms of fantasy.  Ideas and pursuits deemed absurd, or a waste of time, were thankfully still fostered by at least a few renegade intellectuals (the imaginative Albert Einstein being one of them), later proven by clever experiments and arguments that were considered acceptable, and then transformed from “preposterous idea” to ground-breaking earth-shattering theory.  In fact, I believe science itself was once “preposterous” in a world originally dominated by superstition.

So…. perhaps Dr. Hawking should reawaken his own childish fantasies and once colorful, unrestrained imagination, and for the sake of his next book or dissertation, at least entertain the possibility that God and Space-Time can exist independently of one another.

>>>  Michael Bok

November 30, 2011





[My] Favorite 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

(image taken from

The second week of September this year will mark the 10 year anniversary of what has been hailed perhaps the greatest terrorist attack in American history in America. But what is also important to remember, is like many calamities that have happened on American soil, or have in some way involved Americans, conspiracy theories abound as to whose fault it really was, as well as how the whole catastrophe really happened. Was it really terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers nearly 10 years ago?  Or was it a preplanned and implanted demolition device that finally ticked 0 on September 11th of 2001 – or was it, in fact, several “dummy 767 aircraft” piloted by U.S. personnel with orders to damage their own infrastructure?

Some people will even go further to say that the whole impetus behind the attacks was actually not to hit back at America – and the West – for damages done to the Arab world over the past few decades, but a home grown plot to terrorize the population, as well as provide “concrete evidence” that an overseas war was the logical decision.  Such theorists (or conspiracy theorists some have been dubbed) have gone on to explain that the wars now being fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq are more about war profiteering and oil – like in Vietnam – and much less about bringing about some kind of international justice!

I must admit, war does definitely benefit any people or companies who supply a nation’s military, and I don’t think any war has ever been waged in the history of man for simply the good of all people!  (Despite what some propaganda machines may tell you, in battle there are always spoils…!)

Focusing back on the 9/11 attacks – and their use as a motivation tool to drive the nation to war – there are also a number of people who seem to have a stance that’s both between what the government and mainstream media would have you believe (that 9/11 was simply a terrorist attack by extreme Muslims on American soil), and what many of those so-called “conspiracy theorists” keep arguing (the 9/11 was NOT what it seemed on CNN or FOX News, and that there is actually a much deeper, more sinister plot lurking somewhere in the shadows).  This other population of people argue that, yes, those were in fact real fundamentalist Muslim terrorists hijacking real American jet liners and then flying them into buildings without the help of any high tech pre-implanted explosives, but also yes, there is still plenty of room for a real life government cover up!

I have decided to adopt one of these alternative conspiracy theories as my own.  But, once again, the reader is always still invited to make their own interpretation!

If we were to look more closely at United States history, as well as both domestic and U.S. foreign policy, there are in fact plenty of examples of our nation – and our military and CIA – meddling in both national and international affairs.  Let us not forget that one of the biggest driving forces to America’s success as a world superpower has been not just big business, but also the demand for American products as well as cheaper products or raw materials from at times other countries.  From the underpaid workers or lax environmental laws in China and Latin America which have made Chiquita or Dole bananas so profitable,  or retail giants like GAP, Wal Mart or Levi Strauss so successful, to cheaper rubber or steal from the Third World which have made Chevy, Ford or even Nike shoes household names, our wealth and comfortable living have often been made possible by exploited workers and ravaged environments in poorer nations.  Forget what you learned in text books or lectures back in your grammar school or high school days – and information which could just as well be considered propaganda we force feed to our own children  – America still has a dark side like any other nation!

If you go in even greater detail into both recent as well as not so recent U.S. international relations, you will find that our military and CIA have also been notorious for funding terrorists and renegade armies, backing ruthless Adolf Hitler-like dictators, or flat out ruining many other nation’s attempts at giving their own people a decent life such as our own, all because it also ran the risk of potentially ruining America’s own thriving economy!

In fact, before our government began to take on a more Socialist stance during the Great Depression and World War II, over 40% of our own people were similarly exploited from plantations and farms throughout the Great American Midwest and South, to huge factories and coal mines throughout the Eastern Sea Board and Appalachia.  American big business and capitalism have often proven to be a mixed blessing!  Some people even argue that this same home grown exploitation is again on the rise, as workers must work more to make even less in minimum wage paying, part-time jobs across the country!  There is always some “little guy” who has to provide the slave labor…

Aside from the uglier side to U.S. foreign relations or domestic policy, was there not also a (Liberal) criticism of the Bush administration for disregarding – or even falsifying – information obtained by the CIA in regards to the Middle East in the months just before September 11th!  Did not the former President Bush – the front man of that same criticized administration – as well as millions of other red-blooded Americans behind him, respond not just with anger, but also with pride and confidence, that the United States would not be overturned by the attack, and that she would not be defeated by a band of lowly, disgusting and cowardly foreign terrorists?  Yes!  (…at least, in so far as my feeble mind can remember.)  And did we not, as a nation, then go to war?  (By the looks of the current state of affairs, I’m pretty confidant that that really happened too!)

So here’s MY favorite 9/11 conspiracy theory:

The former President Bush – and Bush administration – DID know that there was a possible terrorist attack underway right here on American soil.  However, while he WAS probably a very busy man at the helm of “the world’s greatest superpower” (the great United States of America), he actually didn’t dismiss such information simply because “it was not what he wanted to hear” according to a few Liberal periodicals at the time.  It was because the information also conflicted with an even bigger agenda which he, and his administration, had already been planning.

The U.S. DID need more oil – and perhaps other important natural resources and affordable labor – to serve her ever growing number of people as well as demanding economy.  The Middle East, and more specifically the weak and backward governments of Afghanistan and Iraq, WERE already seen as excellent nations to cheaply extract such vital resources.  However, like any of mankind’s great undertakings, the “grand prize” would still require at least some nasty business and sacrifice: Lies on TV, lies to congress, and war!  Oh well…  It’s an imperfect world!

“This ‘terrorist attack’ which is rumored to be impending would make a great propaganda stunt to scare our allies.  However, it would also gain the support of both the American people as well as our reluctant U.S. government!

“We’ll simply blame personnel and institutions both at home and abroad when the time finally comes, and we even have friends in the CIA, as well as other branches of government, who can make it all happen!  We’ll just USE these silly little Muslim terrorists who actually think they’re going to hurt us.  We will simply LET them become kamikazes to Allah if that’s what they want – and like many other sneaky moves on the part of the U.S. government, CIA, and military – we can then so much more easily put the blame on the Arab people (and look completely uninvolved ourselves) rather than engage in any dirty work with our own men and women.  Christ!  It will even save us a sh-t pile of tax dollars!

“It’s genius, I tell you.  Genius!”

And the rest, as I assume everybody knows, is history!

(image taken from


So there you have it.  MY favorite 9/11 conspiracy theory!  Any dissenters?

>>>  Michael Bok, co-founder of







Oh, Those Silly Little Englishmen

(image taken from

A couple of weeks ago London, and a few other cities throughout the UK,  experienced what has been considered to be some of the worst rioting in over 25 years.  Not since a similar race incident took place in 1985, which also involved police brutality and alleged bias on the part of the local justice system, have Londoners had to endure quite so much looting, vandalism, arson, and blood shed.  Sparked by the police shooting of a yet another black resident and father of four – and a man with possible ties to organized crime – Englishmen of every race, neighborhood, and demographic level have since joined forces to “crush the bobbies,” level whole metropolitan city blocks, and maybe just “get us some watches” in the process!

While the resentment shared by many non-Caucasian Londoners is understandable considering their white-dominated police force serving in a white-dominated country, whose laws were most likely passed by a white-dominated government and intelligentsia (many of whom were rich white males, to be exact, and who are probably now dead), is taking an originally peaceful protest and perverting it into violence and vandalism really the way to speak out against your establishment?  To put it in more cliche and melodramatic terms: “Is rioting really the answer?” I would like to think not – especially when you consider that Great Britain remains one of the world’s greatest, as well as most enduring, democracies!

I admit.  Breaking stained glass windows, setting shops and businesses ablaze, beating strangers up, and stealing off with some first rate goods can all feel pretty good in times of distress, inequality or mass hysteria.  And even if who, or what, you happen to be inflicting delightful pain and suffering on isn’t actually associated with the system you also hate, who’s gonna know, and who’s really gonna care if you already blend in with the throng like “Where’s Waldo?”  It is especially tempting if everyone happens to be “Waldo,” the security camera’s knocked down, and everybody’s clad in the same peasant garb, bandannas, and Molotov cocktails as you!  Hell….  It may even be an amusing story to someday tell your grandchildren!   (…if you can still find a way make your actions all seem justified…!)  But, once again, even if you really do have a pretty darn good reason to riot – and you’re not simply a silly sheep or opportunist who’s running with the crowd – what does rioting ever really accomplish???

If anything, you might just prove those higher class elitists or closet-racists right.  Yes, that’s it.  Maybe you really are just a bunch of wankers, scamps and hooligans who have only jeopardized the public safety; hurt your own community, local economy, and not to mention infrastructure more than anything; as well as proved to local authorities that you will always be a bunch of unruly gorillas, riffraff and chimps who do nothing but squander any social services or opportunities the government does grant to you…  While I imagine it is difficult to succeed in a world that doesn’t appreciate you, and all around you are instances of people who are undeservedly more fortunate, examples of “paupers” doing the best they can with what little they do have, or utilizing whatever talents or special abilities they do possess to rise above the odds, should always be a much better way to get the world’s attention – as well as make a difference – than mindless hell raising and mayhem!

If you still don’t believe me, here’s an alternative example of a man faced with many of the same demons and challenges in life.  He was also a man greatly effected by the actions of British government, back when parliament controlled not just a significant population in the British Isles but nearly the world, and injustice, class struggles, and oppression – and racism – were commonplace.  However, I don’t think he was ever known for being a badass….

>>> Michael Bok, co-founder of



Is Time Travel Really [That] Impossible?

Back to the Future Part II

(image taken from

I just got wind recently that a team of Hong Kong scientists have actually proven that time travel is not possible!  (See:,2817,2389132,00.asp )  Forget your favorite comic book series, science fiction novel, or truly outlandish television program, because time travel actually could not happen, and to think otherwise would be a kick in the face to all logic as well as sound scientific reasoning!  That’s right.  They even shot one photon (agreed in physics to be the smallest possible piece you can break light into) between a couple of atoms in a special sealed tank where there was nothing else it could possibly bump into, and that one little piece of light still could not – for the life of it – actually fly faster than the speed of light.  That, therefore, also applied to anything else out there which would of course be much bigger and heavier than a little piece of light, and therefore you could also not travel through time!

I, myself, had definitely felt a real sinking sensation after reading the news article.  But too bad, little man.  THE TRUTH OFTEN SUCKS!

That was also when I had a little epiphany….

While I’d like to think that Doctor Shengwang Du and Friends at the Hong Kong University are all smart, highly educated, and (for the most part) logical, rational people, could they have all screwed up somewhere in their scientific reasoning?  While you know how they say that “nobody’s perfect,” and that nobody ever has all the answers, I also wonder if Dr. Du and his physics team have committed a non sequitur.

(Let me first completely change the subject for a minute to explain what a non sequitur is….)

A non sequitur is when you make a statement or claim where the second part (your conclusion) doesn’t seem to logically fit or follow with the first part (your reasons).

For Example:

“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  (The reason.)  Let’s chop it off!  (The conclusion.)”

This is a wrong, and of course, very illogical statement – and a non sequitur.

A better and more logical statement would be this:

“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  (The reason.)  Let’s ask her to put it in a bun next time.  (The better conclusion.)”


“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  Let’s ask her to wear a freaking hair net next time.”


“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  Let’s ask her to sit on the opposite side of the gosh darn boat next time!”

Now you can see how cutting your girlfriend’s hair off is really not necessary – and illogical!  (See: )

Now back to Dr. Shengwang Du and his merry team of scientists.

Does the fact that a little piece of light, or a person, or a garbage can, or The Star Ship Enterprise never travels faster than the speed of light mean that we could also never travel through time?  I’d like to think not!  I’d like to think that Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly – Cornelius – and the stunted team of little time bandits were correct.  I’d like to think that time travel really is possible, and that a bunch of people over there in Hong Kong have simply made the wrong conclusion.  Yes.  Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.  Yes.  You could never travel faster than the speed of light!  And yes.  If you were to ever attempt the feat of time travel by traveling at the speed of light – or faster than the speed of light – you would probably just end up a very very long way from home!  However, I would also like to think that you could still find a way to someday time travel.  (It would probably just not involve traveling the speed of light…)

We are now going to watch a short video of yet another scientist who feels that time travel could still be possible:



I would hope nobody in Hong Kong has bruised egos…

>>>  Michael Bok, co-founder of










The Recurrence of Amy Winehouse

A sad headline kept repeating itself on the World Wide Web the other day:  “Amy Winehouse Found Dead In Her North London Flat,” “Amy Winehouse Dies at Age 27,” “Amy Winehouse Found Dead,” “Amy Winehouse Announced Dead of Unknown or Unnatural Causes.”  After less than 30 years of life, and a handful of hit albums and concerts to her name, one of the biggest up and coming young artists of the UK has drawn her last breath and sung her last song as she now lays dead forever!  I can also feel for the devastated friends and family of the late entertainer.  However, it has almost become a cliche!  Like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and various other artists and entertainers before them, high levels of talent and creativity seem to coincide with lives of chaos, turbulence as well as an early death by an illegal substance.  Along with the consistent bouts of eating disorders, mental woes, drug and alcohol addictions, brushes with the law, or toxic romances and parasitic friendships, it’s almost as if the last criteria for being a true “Who’s Who” in the entertainment industry is to also be hopelessly ravaged!

But is that really the case among those actors, dancers, singers and rock-and-rollers who have instead traded a life of health and normality – and monotony – for one that is glorious and sick?  While they always say “don’t generalize,” are there no healthy and happy stars out there, just as there are also at least a few mentioned cases of seemingly more “normal” and obscure people who are themselves leading miserable, f–ked up lives?  Or do the tabloids simply focus on the percentage of “immortals” who are poorly adjusted, in dire straits, or have simply been found guilty of making their boner of the week because it’s all actually what the public wants to read?

On a similar note, are they also equally reluctant to mention our friends, family and neighbors who could in fact be struggling in the same quagmire, since they are “nobodies,” “not gods at all” and of positively no interest to all the other muggles out there who would instead rather hear about some real juicy gossip?  And are all the more normal people in the world in fact better adjusted, happier with life, and as a reimbursement for being more ordinary and boring people, allowed to to live a more boring as well as healthier existence?  (Take THAT you God-forsaken nobody you!)  But the point still remains: Celebrities are supposed to be people too!  (Allegedly….)

Whatever the truth may be, and whatever has been really going on up there, we just keep on hearing the same gut wrenching tale of yet another Amy Winehouse.  Rest in peace?

>>> Michael Bok, co-founder of

McJob Burn Out

I couldn’t help but notice recently of a fascinating trend taking over my country: A McJob Sensation!  Yes, that’s it.  Americans from far and wide, young and old (but perhaps mostly young), black and white (but perhaps mostly disadvantaged), Jew and Gentile are flocking by the hundreds to McJob openings all across the country.  Fights are breaking out, eager applicants rejected, and a few lucky rascals finally hired for a chance at the big time and the possibility of having their own little “McFranchise” someday!  (A very slight possibility….)  The only downside is the fact that these positions barely keep you dangling in the working class, and as for health benefits, 401K, or paid vacations, forget it!  The overhead would run amok if McEmployers provided them.  But oh well….  In the scarcity of more middle management jobs – or any job for that matter – who’s complaining?

Who’s complaining….  Should I be complaining?  Is the McJob thing really as bad as American culture often rants about?  And that’s precisely what I’ve been wrestling with….

I have on several occasions spoken with folks from the “higher echelons” of our work force, and while the pay is often better they confess; the benefits, perks, sick leave, and retirement superior; and the prestige nothing to laugh about, at the end of the day when the office shuts down – and The Man retires to his upstairs board room – you’ll find the same general fatigue and disillusionment as perhaps with any job!  White collar workers get stressed out too!  Higher paid corporate workers have bad days too!  And when the pay checks roll around, or a “team player’s” seniority passes a certain mile stone, you will still hear the same discontented stories, bruised egos, and sometimes even despair as with any McJob’s burger joint.  (…around the urinals anyway!)  The truth is life is never easy, things seldom go your way, and even with the greatest life – as well as job – imaginable, it’s still human nature to seek out or fear the negative!

Heck!  As you rise to the top there’s always still rivalries, jealousies, or the fear of another pit fall, and let us not forget that job politics, annoying etiquette, or social restrictions are all apparently directly proportional to a mushrooming salary.  In a sense, the stress, uncertainty – and perhaps even awkwardness – often associated with staying on top can also make for its own unique little hell!  Lastly, you might simply one day just get used to it.

And that’s when I glance towards The Bottom….

While McJobs can often get boring, annoying, or depressing, and the customers are at times a pain, and the work unappealing, and the reputation always questionable, is not entering account data, answering phone calls, attending mandatory – but dull – department meetings, being leap-frogged by some junior below you, or filling out quarterly reports any less unglamorous?  Are not difficult business clients, coworkers, or managers often the same exact people who will then mosey on after work to “The Golden Arches” for a bite with the kid?  Are not people pretty much people no matter where – or at which strata – you are?

A job’s a job!

But that’s where I come to the real McJob problem behind our nations out-of-control McJob epidemic: Just a little money!  And what is the only difference between an unglamorous – but coveted – white collar position versus an unglamorous and lowly blue collar one?  Perhaps the possibility of living a slightly more comfortable, slightly more stress free existence.  The good old American Dream!

And so…. if more of these McEmployers perhaps just raised minimum wage to about 1o or 11 dollars an hour (a partial violation to the McJob definition, I know, but possibly one of the few necessary changes), the hours to at least close to 40, provided at least an adequate health package (basic vision, check ups, emergency care, and dental – and perhaps some chiropractic) (it’s like money), a “micro 401k” if you will (so you at least won’t starve in your Golden years), a 50 cent raise every so often for outstanding performance, and perhaps a few chances at lesser management, I believe you’d create a surprisingly cooperative – and surprisingly motivated – proletariat!

Combined with at least the professional respect from the higher ups since they are, in a sense, the front lines and work horses of any industry, you might see a growing number of working class people who actually feel relatively happy, and not to mention proud of what they do!  This would, no doubt, consequently reflect on the company’s quarterly profits as well as serve as a fine reimbursement to an increased overhead!  (The best remedy for any sapped productivity, morale, or motivation?)

The more consistent and slightly higher McSalaries would also help revitalize the economy with their consumer power, as well as provide increased business to help maintain the surviving middle management sector.  Heck!  With a fairly adequate health plan and pay check to once again fall back on, whose to say we won’t once again see an influx of working class students at colleges, tech schools and universities across the country, as they, too, use their disposable income to both better themselves as well as someday prepare for a higher place in the labor hierarchy.  McWorkers like to invest their hard earned money too!

That – in my opinion – is the true solution to preventing a McJob Burn Out.  It’s not the McJob epidemic that worries me, it’s the fact that most of those McJobs are still engineered to give and award as little as possible.  In the process, millions of American workers who could otherwise be bursting with potential, instead just deteriorate and then soar nowhere in the labor market…

>>> Michael Bok, co-founder of


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