Will Jennifer Lawrence Get the Last Laugh?

Katniss Everdeen Strong

“The Hunger Games” promotional poster.

About a month or two ago the internet went ablaze with the leaked erotic photos of rising movie star Jennifer Lawrence.  As she gazed in striking postures for the amusement of both herself and her lover – but later the world once the photos were hacked – the entertainment industry cried “Foul!,” the feminists called it “misogyny” as well as a violation of a young woman’s rights and privacy, and Jennifer Lawrence (or “JLaw” for short) has deemed the photo leak “a sex crime” and a disgustingly wrong act, and anyone involved in the circulation or viewing of such material should positively “cower in shame!”

(See:  Jennifer Lawrence: Nude Photo Hacking Was a Sex Crime )


It would appear obvious at this point to anyone paying attention to the story that the young Ms. Lawrence is now quite devastated as she fears a soiled reputation and acting career, as well as rather proud – but also sensitive – of her sophisticated body.  And while I wouldn’t go so far as to dub the whole scandal “a sex crime,” and yes, when dealing with the internet the actress could have been a little more careful, I can at least understand her anger and embarrassment over the issue.  But is all hope lost for our beloved Katniss?  Is our beloved Jennifer really finished once “The Hunger Games” wraps?  Well, despite some of the sarcastic and judgmental opinions I have come across already, I think everyone’s favorite heroine might still have at least one arrow left in her quiver.

“May the 76th Hunger Games begin!”

I’m not sure about the rest of you out there, but when I stared at those photos (Yes, Jennifer.  If you happen to be out there reading this, please forgive me.  I LOOKED!!) there was only word that came across my mind:


JLaw Flaunting

Jennifer Lawrence wows in some big city!

I have to admit, even when she’s a little piss drunk on wine, or not wearing any rouge or eye shadow, the actress still has all the makings of a natural beauty!  And while I agree she’s a talented actress with some decent motion pictures to her name (as some commenters have already claimed in her defense) I also agree with a few peoples’ assertions that she probably didn’t become famous on just talent and charisma alone….

Is not the entertainment industry also infested with artists and performers who are beautiful?

Is not the old saying “sex sells” also a tried and true business tactic for anyone faced with the challenge of marketing anything from jeans to tennis shoes to motorcars to Frito Lay tortilla chips to entertainers?  

Is not the young, firm and healthy Jennifer Lawrence also beautiful?  (And HOT!!)

And is not “beautiful” the one thing we’d all much rather look at, admire, gawk at, glorify, be fascinated with, and have sex with as opposed to anything “ugly?”

Unless you’re one of the few people out there who really isn’t the least bit animalistic or superficial – one of the very few people I’d wager – just quit it with the lies and BS right now and say “yes!”  (At least in your own mind.)  We would all rather spend our time watching somebody on the big screen or small screen – or the internet – who is beautiful!

So it is now that I come to my second big point for the day:

Jennifer Lawrence’s new acting career could be made!

Katniss Everdeen Flame

photo taken from www.pinterest.com

No no no.  I didn’t mean to imply to anyone that she’s now a hit amateur porn star.  I meant to say that now given she was already pretty famous even before all those erotic photos finally leaked (another golden rule you must always follow while rising to the top in Hollywood – never spill the beans until after you’ve gotten your foot in the door), I’m willing to bet the “scandal,” or whatever you really want to call it, might in fact make her even more famous.  I also predict an increase in sales for the next “Hunger Games” installment, as still more curious fans – a cornucopia of heterosexual boys and men among them – will flock to the next Panem adventure flick, as Jennifer Lawrence kicks it off in yet another sexy outfit!  Bonus:  Maybe she’ll even light up once again in a bouquet of real fire!  Oooooh….

Well, anyhow, all I can say is that [I] am definitely going to be there!  And for the one or two more squeamish folk who turn away, I bet a hundred or two more Looky-Loos will soon take their place alongside me in theaters.  Because that is the real reason why somebody becomes famous these days in the entertainment industry – along with maybe a little talent.


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