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Note to Dr. Hawking: Could God Still Exist?

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I was watching a documentary a couple of weeks ago which caused me to question any and all notions of “an almighty God presiding over creation.” In his documentary Curiosity: Did God Create the Universe? , Dr. Stephen Hawking challenges the more religious and irrational claims that a God or Supreme Being does exist, that he or she or it did in fact create the universe, and that after we die there is an afterlife, an ends to justify the means, and something to look forward to other than just your usual worldly consciousness.  While I admire the man’s open-mindedness, as well as tolerance to any skepticism or conflicting opinions – especially when you take into account his physics expertise and 170 IQ – he still reaches a rather depressing, and in my opinion, Godless conclusion (just skip to about 32:50 if you don’t want to see the full argument):

In other words there apparently is no God, and according to the known laws that govern the universe, it is becoming a scientific and mathematical impossibility for one to have ever existed in the first place!  The universe just created itself and exploded out of oblivion!

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate science.   I also admire towering academics like Stephen Hawking and I still believe that logical and objective thinking is key to a healthier, happier, more enlightened, as well as further advanced civilization.  I also agree that being overly religious and faithful – and perhaps even borderline delusional – can also have its drawbacks.  But is there not at least some room left for just a little magical and artistic thinking?

While I admit I’m no scientist, mathematician or qualified theologian, and I tremble at the presence of the great Stephen Hawking (since there apparently is no God), I would still like to at least present my food for thought….

While science and the scientific laws do an increasingly effective job at explaining the universe, perhaps the clergymen were right when they claimed that modern science still cannot explain God.  If you could leave the universe and venture into the “space” beyond, perhaps science – or at least the scientific laws we know – become useless.  And while Dr. Stephen Hawking claims that the once intense gravity of our early compressed universe would have halted all time – leaving no time for a god, or anything, to have existed “before” – maybe that’s OK because perhaps the real God – and the original plans and blue prints for our physical universe – exist outside of time.  Perhaps the real God resides outside of everything we simple humans take for granted (space, time, light, dark, cause, effect, beginning, end, hot, cold, good, evil, etc. etc. etc.).

To expand my point further, I also wanted to point out that some of the greatest scientific advancements of our time had similarly first begun as sojourns into dreams, imagination, and the realms of fantasy.  Ideas and pursuits deemed absurd, or a waste of time, were thankfully still fostered by at least a few renegade intellectuals (the imaginative Albert Einstein being one of them), later proven by clever experiments and arguments that were considered acceptable, and then transformed from “preposterous idea” to ground-breaking earth-shattering theory.  In fact, I believe science itself was once “preposterous” in a world originally dominated by superstition.

So…. perhaps Dr. Hawking should reawaken his own childish fantasies and once colorful, unrestrained imagination, and for the sake of his next book or dissertation, at least entertain the possibility that God and Space-Time can exist independently of one another.

>>>  Michael Bok

November 30, 2011