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[My] Favorite 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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The second week of September this year will mark the 10 year anniversary of what has been hailed perhaps the greatest terrorist attack in American history in America. But what is also important to remember, is like many calamities that have happened on American soil, or have in some way involved Americans, conspiracy theories abound as to whose fault it really was, as well as how the whole catastrophe really happened. Was it really terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers nearly 10 years ago?  Or was it a preplanned and implanted demolition device that finally ticked 0 on September 11th of 2001 – or was it, in fact, several “dummy 767 aircraft” piloted by U.S. personnel with orders to damage their own infrastructure?

Some people will even go further to say that the whole impetus behind the attacks was actually not to hit back at America – and the West – for damages done to the Arab world over the past few decades, but a home grown plot to terrorize the population, as well as provide “concrete evidence” that an overseas war was the logical decision.  Such theorists (or conspiracy theorists some have been dubbed) have gone on to explain that the wars now being fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq are more about war profiteering and oil – like in Vietnam – and much less about bringing about some kind of international justice!

I must admit, war does definitely benefit any people or companies who supply a nation’s military, and I don’t think any war has ever been waged in the history of man for simply the good of all people!  (Despite what some propaganda machines may tell you, in battle there are always spoils…!)

Focusing back on the 9/11 attacks – and their use as a motivation tool to drive the nation to war – there are also a number of people who seem to have a stance that’s both between what the government and mainstream media would have you believe (that 9/11 was simply a terrorist attack by extreme Muslims on American soil), and what many of those so-called “conspiracy theorists” keep arguing (the 9/11 was NOT what it seemed on CNN or FOX News, and that there is actually a much deeper, more sinister plot lurking somewhere in the shadows).  This other population of people argue that, yes, those were in fact real fundamentalist Muslim terrorists hijacking real American jet liners and then flying them into buildings without the help of any high tech pre-implanted explosives, but also yes, there is still plenty of room for a real life government cover up!

I have decided to adopt one of these alternative conspiracy theories as my own.  But, once again, the reader is always still invited to make their own interpretation!

If we were to look more closely at United States history, as well as both domestic and U.S. foreign policy, there are in fact plenty of examples of our nation – and our military and CIA – meddling in both national and international affairs.  Let us not forget that one of the biggest driving forces to America’s success as a world superpower has been not just big business, but also the demand for American products as well as cheaper products or raw materials from at times other countries.  From the underpaid workers or lax environmental laws in China and Latin America which have made Chiquita or Dole bananas so profitable,  or retail giants like GAP, Wal Mart or Levi Strauss so successful, to cheaper rubber or steal from the Third World which have made Chevy, Ford or even Nike shoes household names, our wealth and comfortable living have often been made possible by exploited workers and ravaged environments in poorer nations.  Forget what you learned in text books or lectures back in your grammar school or high school days – and information which could just as well be considered propaganda we force feed to our own children  – America still has a dark side like any other nation!

If you go in even greater detail into both recent as well as not so recent U.S. international relations, you will find that our military and CIA have also been notorious for funding terrorists and renegade armies, backing ruthless Adolf Hitler-like dictators, or flat out ruining many other nation’s attempts at giving their own people a decent life such as our own, all because it also ran the risk of potentially ruining America’s own thriving economy!

In fact, before our government began to take on a more Socialist stance during the Great Depression and World War II, over 40% of our own people were similarly exploited from plantations and farms throughout the Great American Midwest and South, to huge factories and coal mines throughout the Eastern Sea Board and Appalachia.  American big business and capitalism have often proven to be a mixed blessing!  Some people even argue that this same home grown exploitation is again on the rise, as workers must work more to make even less in minimum wage paying, part-time jobs across the country!  There is always some “little guy” who has to provide the slave labor…

Aside from the uglier side to U.S. foreign relations or domestic policy, was there not also a (Liberal) criticism of the Bush administration for disregarding – or even falsifying – information obtained by the CIA in regards to the Middle East in the months just before September 11th!  Did not the former President Bush – the front man of that same criticized administration – as well as millions of other red-blooded Americans behind him, respond not just with anger, but also with pride and confidence, that the United States would not be overturned by the attack, and that she would not be defeated by a band of lowly, disgusting and cowardly foreign terrorists?  Yes!  (…at least, in so far as my feeble mind can remember.)  And did we not, as a nation, then go to war?  (By the looks of the current state of affairs, I’m pretty confidant that that really happened too!)

So here’s MY favorite 9/11 conspiracy theory:

The former President Bush – and Bush administration – DID know that there was a possible terrorist attack underway right here on American soil.  However, while he WAS probably a very busy man at the helm of “the world’s greatest superpower” (the great United States of America), he actually didn’t dismiss such information simply because “it was not what he wanted to hear” according to a few Liberal periodicals at the time.  It was because the information also conflicted with an even bigger agenda which he, and his administration, had already been planning.

The U.S. DID need more oil – and perhaps other important natural resources and affordable labor – to serve her ever growing number of people as well as demanding economy.  The Middle East, and more specifically the weak and backward governments of Afghanistan and Iraq, WERE already seen as excellent nations to cheaply extract such vital resources.  However, like any of mankind’s great undertakings, the “grand prize” would still require at least some nasty business and sacrifice: Lies on TV, lies to congress, and war!  Oh well…  It’s an imperfect world!

“This ‘terrorist attack’ which is rumored to be impending would make a great propaganda stunt to scare our allies.  However, it would also gain the support of both the American people as well as our reluctant U.S. government!

“We’ll simply blame personnel and institutions both at home and abroad when the time finally comes, and we even have friends in the CIA, as well as other branches of government, who can make it all happen!  We’ll just USE these silly little Muslim terrorists who actually think they’re going to hurt us.  We will simply LET them become kamikazes to Allah if that’s what they want – and like many other sneaky moves on the part of the U.S. government, CIA, and military – we can then so much more easily put the blame on the Arab people (and look completely uninvolved ourselves) rather than engage in any dirty work with our own men and women.  Christ!  It will even save us a sh-t pile of tax dollars!

“It’s genius, I tell you.  Genius!”

And the rest, as I assume everybody knows, is history!

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So there you have it.  MY favorite 9/11 conspiracy theory!  Any dissenters?

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