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Is Time Travel Really [That] Impossible?

Back to the Future Part II

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I just got wind recently that a team of Hong Kong scientists have actually proven that time travel is not possible!  (See:,2817,2389132,00.asp )  Forget your favorite comic book series, science fiction novel, or truly outlandish television program, because time travel actually could not happen, and to think otherwise would be a kick in the face to all logic as well as sound scientific reasoning!  That’s right.  They even shot one photon (agreed in physics to be the smallest possible piece you can break light into) between a couple of atoms in a special sealed tank where there was nothing else it could possibly bump into, and that one little piece of light still could not – for the life of it – actually fly faster than the speed of light.  That, therefore, also applied to anything else out there which would of course be much bigger and heavier than a little piece of light, and therefore you could also not travel through time!

I, myself, had definitely felt a real sinking sensation after reading the news article.  But too bad, little man.  THE TRUTH OFTEN SUCKS!

That was also when I had a little epiphany….

While I’d like to think that Doctor Shengwang Du and Friends at the Hong Kong University are all smart, highly educated, and (for the most part) logical, rational people, could they have all screwed up somewhere in their scientific reasoning?  While you know how they say that “nobody’s perfect,” and that nobody ever has all the answers, I also wonder if Dr. Du and his physics team have committed a non sequitur.

(Let me first completely change the subject for a minute to explain what a non sequitur is….)

A non sequitur is when you make a statement or claim where the second part (your conclusion) doesn’t seem to logically fit or follow with the first part (your reasons).

For Example:

“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  (The reason.)  Let’s chop it off!  (The conclusion.)”

This is a wrong, and of course, very illogical statement – and a non sequitur.

A better and more logical statement would be this:

“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  (The reason.)  Let’s ask her to put it in a bun next time.  (The better conclusion.)”


“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  Let’s ask her to wear a freaking hair net next time.”


“My girlfriend’s hair keeps blowing in my face whenever we go sailing.  Let’s ask her to sit on the opposite side of the gosh darn boat next time!”

Now you can see how cutting your girlfriend’s hair off is really not necessary – and illogical!  (See: )

Now back to Dr. Shengwang Du and his merry team of scientists.

Does the fact that a little piece of light, or a person, or a garbage can, or The Star Ship Enterprise never travels faster than the speed of light mean that we could also never travel through time?  I’d like to think not!  I’d like to think that Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly – Cornelius – and the stunted team of little time bandits were correct.  I’d like to think that time travel really is possible, and that a bunch of people over there in Hong Kong have simply made the wrong conclusion.  Yes.  Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.  Yes.  You could never travel faster than the speed of light!  And yes.  If you were to ever attempt the feat of time travel by traveling at the speed of light – or faster than the speed of light – you would probably just end up a very very long way from home!  However, I would also like to think that you could still find a way to someday time travel.  (It would probably just not involve traveling the speed of light…)

We are now going to watch a short video of yet another scientist who feels that time travel could still be possible:



I would hope nobody in Hong Kong has bruised egos…

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The Recurrence of Amy Winehouse

A sad headline kept repeating itself on the World Wide Web the other day:  “Amy Winehouse Found Dead In Her North London Flat,” “Amy Winehouse Dies at Age 27,” “Amy Winehouse Found Dead,” “Amy Winehouse Announced Dead of Unknown or Unnatural Causes.”  After less than 30 years of life, and a handful of hit albums and concerts to her name, one of the biggest up and coming young artists of the UK has drawn her last breath and sung her last song as she now lays dead forever!  I can also feel for the devastated friends and family of the late entertainer.  However, it has almost become a cliche!  Like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and various other artists and entertainers before them, high levels of talent and creativity seem to coincide with lives of chaos, turbulence as well as an early death by an illegal substance.  Along with the consistent bouts of eating disorders, mental woes, drug and alcohol addictions, brushes with the law, or toxic romances and parasitic friendships, it’s almost as if the last criteria for being a true “Who’s Who” in the entertainment industry is to also be hopelessly ravaged!

But is that really the case among those actors, dancers, singers and rock-and-rollers who have instead traded a life of health and normality – and monotony – for one that is glorious and sick?  While they always say “don’t generalize,” are there no healthy and happy stars out there, just as there are also at least a few mentioned cases of seemingly more “normal” and obscure people who are themselves leading miserable, f–ked up lives?  Or do the tabloids simply focus on the percentage of “immortals” who are poorly adjusted, in dire straits, or have simply been found guilty of making their boner of the week because it’s all actually what the public wants to read?

On a similar note, are they also equally reluctant to mention our friends, family and neighbors who could in fact be struggling in the same quagmire, since they are “nobodies,” “not gods at all” and of positively no interest to all the other muggles out there who would instead rather hear about some real juicy gossip?  And are all the more normal people in the world in fact better adjusted, happier with life, and as a reimbursement for being more ordinary and boring people, allowed to to live a more boring as well as healthier existence?  (Take THAT you God-forsaken nobody you!)  But the point still remains: Celebrities are supposed to be people too!  (Allegedly….)

Whatever the truth may be, and whatever has been really going on up there, we just keep on hearing the same gut wrenching tale of yet another Amy Winehouse.  Rest in peace?

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